Voice Coaching

As a Speaker, your voice is your most important resource. There are other performance resources, of course – your facial expressions, body movements, gestures, posture all play a part – but your voice is the one that you use the most, and there is no question that it needs to work well.

What does ‘working well’ involve? Your voice must convey your message in such a way as to keep the attention of your audience and ensure that they are attracted to what the message is offering them.  This requires knowing how the voice works and how one can get the best performance out of it – through proper breathing, rich tone and dynamic clarity and expression.

There is also the aspect of taking care of your voice through relaxation, hydration, physical caring and attention. The voice is a physical part of the physical body and responds positively to physical exercise and care.

What does a Voice Coach do?  Helps you to find your voice – understand it, unpack it, get to know it, decide what you want to do with it and then find ways to grow and develop it to be the instrument you want it to be, supporting your speaking and training career.

Voice Coach Chris Voysey has a background in theatre, is a qualified Speech Teacher and has spent years in the corporate sector in advertising and marketing. He understands the importance of branding and combines performance experience and promotions knowledge to apply this to the individual development of a stage presence and communication persona.

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