Throughout Africa, emerging entrepreneurs and innovative ideas are waiting for the opportunity to fully realise their full potential.

The continent is on the cusp of an African revolution that will kick start the world powerhouse that is her African people. This will only be achieved through the identification and development of leaders: leaders who are equipped with the right tools, attitude, and experience to lead our people into the future years of the African revolution.

Voices into Africa is this intervention: bridging the gap between where we are now and where we need to be with conventions, programmes, and applicable workshops, equipping the future business leaders of the continent of Africa. Through our mantra ‘we are, we can, we will’, we strive to develop individuals into collaborative functional teams and communities, resulting in innovative sustainability for the good of all.

Speaker Quotient Kemp Wade Formula

Calculating Your Speaker Quotient

The Kemp-Wade Formula is a mathematical approach to establishing, and increasing your value as a speaker.

Event Management

Voices into Africa is able to plan and manage your event in Africa through our network of event planners, venues and speakers.

Speakers Bureau

Voices into Africa lists preferred speakers together with a professional management offering.

Speaker’s Academy

Voices into Africa offers professional speaking workshops, coaching and resources.