Calculating Your Speaker Quotient

Professional speaking was, until recent times, restricted to a relatively small group of professionals who dominated the stages of events and functions, as they wielded their craft and wowed audiences around the world.

Speaker Agents and Bureaus arose to manage the elite speakers and handled issues of bookings, travel, and invoicing on behalf of the busy speaker. There was enough money to go around and keep these agents busy and employed.

Then the markets started to open up and other, less skilled and less polished, speakers began to speak at the same event. Now we need some way of determining and improving our speaker quotient as professional speakers.

Charlotte Kemp and Bruce Wade unpack the Speaker Quotient formula that will help you gain more traction in your speaking career and improve what you can charge for your future speaking engagements.

This book is a must-read for any and all professional or budding professional speakers the world over.