Presentation Skills

The six sessions Presentation Skills programme is a well-structured and comprehensive approach to help delegates improve their public speaking skills. The approach of combining both online and classroom-based workshops is also beneficial for accommodating different learning styles and preferences.

The programme’s focus on each delegate presenting a presentation, evaluation, and off-the-cuff presentation in every session is an effective way to help them practice and receive feedback on their skills. The emphasis on different aspects of presentation skills, such as structure, voice modulation, body language, word selection, and storytelling, is also useful for addressing specific areas of improvement. It also caters for the use of props and how to create various presentations.

Additionally, the inclusion of homework and rehearsal sessions between each session allows participants to apply the lessons learned in a practical setting and make progress over time.

The final graduation event is a terrific way to celebrate the delegates’ success and provide them with a platform to showcase their improved skills in front of a supportive audience. The inclusion of a keynote speaker and general evaluator adds an extra level of engagement and feedback for the participants.

This Presentation Skills programme is designed for people who are required to do presentations or people who are wanting to enter the professional speaking sector.

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