A Book Launch Party!

To be able to take the thoughts, ideas, even fantasies in your head, and reduce them to written words is a weirdly, wonderful way to communicate.
This Book Launch Party is primarily to celebrate the amusing tales of suburban South African life that Chris Voysey has captured in his collection of short stories ‘An Eye On The Suburbs’.

Celebrating their books with him are other local professional speakers and their unusual array of stories, insights, and learnings.

If you are in town that evening please join us. There is no fee but a purchase of some of the books would be welcomed gratefully.

The event is being hosted by a new neighbourhood book store called ‘Sunset Books’. Visit them for a wide selection of previously read books, good coffee and cake and a friendly chat.

Red Jacket Book Launch Party 2024 banner

Celebrating the writers among us

Chris Voysey spends his professional time helping people to find their voice, and raise and nurture their voice so that they can communicate with confidence and clarity. And when writing he tells tales of suburban activities and people. His first short story compilation is titled ‘An Eye On The Suburbs’ and we found it a delightful read.

Richard Mulvey is a former professional speaker who now writes full time as well as still doing life coaching for clients. Richard’s stories are about everyday relationships and everyday people with a little touch of friskiness to the tales.

Bruce Wade is a Story Engineer who works with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them tell their stories in a way that invites engagement from their clients. Bruce is a prolific writer in both business topics and storytelling. Bruce will be sharing one of his series about Brian the Bat, who teaches business skills.

Kyle Jantjies is a young, but very prolific author who writes fantasy. Of particular interest to Kyle is his campaign to have schools include fantasy fiction in the recommended reading list for primary students. Reading fantasy encourages imagination, critical thinking, problem solving and solutions thinking and makes for a jolly good reason to read a book.

Charlotte Kemp is a futurist whose book, Futures Alchemist, is a narrative designed to explain what and how futures thinking works. It follows the story of a young career professional who discovers futures thinking and in learning how to use it finds its value in old fashioned business, new start ups, product development and the entire financial services world.

Your Investment

There is no charge for this event but it would be so great if you bought a book or two!

Date and Time

Friday 3 May 2024

6 pm, in Strand, Western Cape

Sunset Books, Corner of Heineke and Church Streets, Strand

Please RSVP for catering.