From Silence to Standing Ovation:

Navigating Audience Challenges

Captivating and connecting with an audience is an important element in our speaking skill set. Our guest speaker, Bill Russell, will share insights and strategies on effectively managing audiences even if they are difficult crowds, disengaged or have cultural differences.  In this session, you can expect to learn:

  1. Spontaneity and Engagement: Explore innovative improvisation techniques to inject spontaneity and energy into your presentations to keep audiences hooked from start to finish.
  2. The Power of Humour: Develop your own sense of humour to both prepare intentional lightness into your message, as well as using situational humour to respond to unexpected situations during your presentations.
  3. Damage Control and Redemption: Gain valuable insights into gracefully recovering from unexpected blunders or missteps during a presentation, learning how to pivot smoothly and regain audience trust and confidence.


Our guest speaker is Bill Russell. A Toastmaster for over 28 years on 3 continents, Bill has years of experience learning the techniques of speaking and audience engagement. In his career in investment banking, he made hundreds of sales presentations and spoke at financial conferences in Europe and the United States dealing with all types of clients and audiences. Between stages of living in beautiful Cape Town, Bill returns to his home in Chicago where he spends time honing his Improv skills at the famed Second City. Bill has refreshing humour, broad experience and an impressive sense of what makes a speech work, or not.

Join us on this webinar to develop your audience engagement skills with fresh ideas and insights.

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Your Investment

This is a complimentary webinar. There is no charge.

Date and Time

Thursday 14 March 2024

12 – 1 pm SAST