Luzonne Voices Professional Speakers Trainng

Luzonne Mentz is a freelance Graphic Designer, based in Pretoria, with almost two decades of experience. And she comes with a portfolio of work for our speaker colleagues that is very impressive. Check out Ian Hatton, Morpheus for some idea of her insight.

I loved that Luzonne arrived at this webinar with her wild makeup and clothes, which she used to illustrate her message. We cannot start branding ourselves until we are very sure of our essence and what we want to communicate. That first step is the skeleton, and only after we have that right do we start doing the other fun things like choosing colours, considering shapes and selecting an appropriate font. If Luzonne shared nothing else, she demonstrated how to embody (pun accidental) our brands.

There is a PDF document with lots of notes and ideas for consideration for you to download.

If you enjoyed this session and got value, please leave Luzonne a recommendation on LinkedIn. She can be contacted at zonnem [@]